If I could describe you in one word:  LIGHTWORKER (someone making the world a brighter place).

Whether you have just decided to create an online presence or you have an online presence and you are ready to refresh it or expand it, you’re in the right place!  I want to see your conscious business grow.

If you are right here, right now, then I know that this is where you are supposed to be.

Some beliefs of mine…

  • I believe you are a bright light, that you have something to share with the world to make it a better place.
  • I believe you are ready to share more of who you are through your light.
  • I believe the world needs what you have to share and I am excited to give you the tools and support you require.

How I Help Conscious Individuals and Conscious Businesses!

  • I tap into the energy of what you want to create and I create with you.
  • I make technology easy.
  • I teach you how to support what we create.
  • I support you afterwards to continue your creation.
  • I love you through the entire process.
  • I know what it’s like to be stuck, to be frozen, to be unable to move.
  • I know how to plan, to keep it simple and KISS it done.
  • I get things done and I teach you and help you to get done what you desire!

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My name is Sheila Franzen and I am COMMITTED to teaching, enabling and supporting lightworkers to bring their gifts into the online world!

I am your all around geek, web guru, consultant, project manager, mom, spiritual seeker and more!  I have spent the past 10 years doing web implementations for friends and family.  My background in computer science and programming along with 20+ years of management in Corporate America allow me to see the big picture of what you want to do and communicate at a level that matches your understanding. I have always loved technology and I provide the technology support for all of my family and close friends.

As a Lightworker, I want to see the world be a better place.  I spend time in meditation every day.  I am constantly reading books that expand my understanding of the world, myself and others.  I have explored many modalities of healing such as Ayurveda, Reiki, Etheric Healing, Accupuncture, Naturopathy, Nutrition Response Testing and more!  I understand the Lightworkers of the World.

I love learning.  I love sharing.  I love getting things done and I can’t wait to help you with your creation!

Thank you for being here!

Thank you for shining!

I appreciate you!


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I help conscious individuals and small businesses shine through technology.



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Create Positive Change in Your Life and Move Your Online Business Forward Faster!