Hi!  I’m Sheila!

I help conscious individuals and small businesses shine through technology!


Web Development & Technology Consulting

I deliver solutions for lightworkers that includes small business web design & implementation services, personalized project management as well as tech support. In my years of working with clients (the end users) in Corporate America as well as my consulting and web design business, I have learned that each individual has an idea of something they want to bring fowrard. I remember creating a simple search tool for a user when I first started programming that allowed them to save hours in what they were doing. I took the time to sit down and listen to what they wanted and discovered that the solution was really simple. My focus is to find the best solution to meet your needs. Sometimes that might be a simple document, other times, it might be a complete system with integration. My approach is not a one size fits all. My approach is to listen and understand you and then figure out what will help you most be successful.


I will create, update, redo and/or support your website. I have experience in a wide variety of web tools (Wordpress, Weebly, Zapier, MailChimp, Landing Pages, PaperForm and more)!


I bring technology to life. I will guide you to figure out how to use or improve your use of technology, whether it be your iPhone, computer, Mac, online services, etc.


As a certified project manager, I have been leading and managing projects for over 20 years.  I can help you get moving and turn your goals into action.

Let’s See If I Can Help You!

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Let’s chat and find out how I can help you find a solution to what lies ahead for you. Setup time for a free quick chat and we’ll determine what a next step would be and whether working together would be a good fit.

What Others Say

Here are some acknowledgments from recent clients!

“Working with Sheila was like a deep, slow exhale. Easy, relaxing and rejuvenating. I was happy to let her tech savvy take over for my novice attempt at building a viable website.” Ebone Lott

Owner, Focused Energy

“Sheila gets an A++ from me for customer service:  speedy, efficient, smart, effective, creative, helpful – and a real pleasure to work with.  Thank you for a great job well done!” AmayahGrace

Healer, AmayahGrace

“Sheila designed and constructed a fantastic website with the ability to provide an online payment solution as well as an online registration form for our students in just 10 short days. Sheila is an exceptionally talented designer with an incredible knowledge of IT and ingenious web skills. She is accessible, reliable, and efficient. We are truly grateful for all her effort to design and maintain our business website.” The Parvins

Owners, Smart Minds, LLC