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Best WordPress Plugin for Testimonials

Do you have testimonials in a Wordpress plugin on your site?  If not, you’re missing out on an opportunity to streamline and quickly add testimonials in the future.  Collecting testimonials might seem like a hassle, yet it’s an invaluable thing to do to help build...

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How & Why to Embed Scheduling Forms

More and more, entrepreneurs are turning to online scheduling for their clients to book appointments. The abundance of online scheduling tools makes this super easy and offers clients a way to quickly and easily book their appointments without having to call and talk...

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The 3rd Most Important Thing for Your Website: Get Visible

Now that you have your website created, it’s time to get visible! Before you get visible, you want to make sure that you have set a page title and a page description for each of your pages. In Wordpress, tools like All In One SEO, SEO Framework and Yoast SEO allow you...

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Are You Willing to Put in the Extra Work?

As someone who has been part of teams and projects, I’ve stayed up late and put in the extra hours more times than I care to remember. I’ve even done it for weeks in a row and ended up so exhausted that I had nothing left to give. Yesterday I received an intuitive...

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Technology with Intention

When I talk with people, I often find that they don’t particularly love technology and they definitely don’t find joy in it. Sometimes, I feel the same way. Yet, the majority of the time, I absolutely love technology and I can’t wait to start my day, especially when...

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