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Zap Your Contacts to a CRM or Google Contacts

I love finding ways to save myself time. As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you want to save time too! My favorite tool for creating automation is Zapier. Zapier allows you to create ‘zaps’ that zap information between your applications. It’s really cool and saves a ton of...

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GDPR – What You Need to Know and DO!

GDPR stands for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.  It was adopted in early 2017 and the compliance deadline is May 28, 2018.  This law is a revamp to the existing data protection practices.  While it seems completely overwhelming, it’s premise...

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Are You Collecting Testimonials?

Do you have testimonials on your website? Are they updated? Testimonials are one of those super simple things that create credibility and credibility allows you to build your brand. When a potential client comes to your site, they are evaluating you and trying to find...

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How I Used Cloudflare With a Site Under Attack

Recently I started receiving Sucuri notices on one of my WordPress sites,, that it was being attacked.  The notices indicated that there were attempted logins under the name of admin and the user name that I use 100’s of times from IP addresses...

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Save Time & Clear Inbox Clutter with Unroll.Me

This is definitely my new favorite tool! I remember looking at it several months ago and it just didn’t make sense to me. Someone else recently recommended it again, so I thought I should dig in and find out what it was and how it worked. Unroll.Me is saving me time...

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