CRM Implementation

Project Description

CRM is a term that simply means Customer Relationship Management.  I have worked on some larger CRM Implementations in Corporate America, but the one I will speak to here is selecting and implementing a CRM for a client.  To support the needs of the business model, the first thing I did was to identify the requirements and then review then with the Client Representative to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.  Once the requirements were agreed upon, I reviewed over 20 different small business CRM possibilities.  I setup logins to over half of them and would login to use the system and see what was available based on the feature set identified on their websites.  The core requirement was that it needed robust integration available with Zapier.  Many of the CRM’s had integration, but only for a single feature or two to get data into our CRM.  The client wanted to be able to populate data from everything they had around the rest of the systems landscape into the CRM.  Once I found a system that met the ‘must have’ requirements, I prepared the existing spreadsheets of data that were available.  This included cleansing the data and formatting it using Excel and formulas in Excel so that it would cleanly load into the system.  Once the core data was loaded, I then setup 6-8 Zaps using Zapier that allowed the data from the other systems to flow effortlessly into a place where the client could see information about a person.  Being able to login to the CRM and see everything in one place has been a great addition and time saver as it allowed focus on running a small business.

Project Details

Client Private Client
Date November 2015
Skills Integration