Focused Energy WordPress Website Refreshes & Shopping Cart Setup

Project Description

Ebone has two websites to represent her service and product offerings.  She had recently moved her sites from Weebly to WordPress and was looking to update her sites with her service offerings, a shopping cart for products and an overall refresh of content.

It Begins With Self needed to have a shopping cart to sell physical products and service products.  She was already using stripe, so we simply setup Woo Commerce to sell the service products with Stripe and setup a synchronization between Woo Commerce and Stripe to sell the Physical Products.  This allows her to continue to maintain her physical product inventory in Stripe with her store there and it syncs directly to WooCommerce to be available on the website.

A new template was chosen and implemented on both sites in order to keep the sites with a general consistent look and feel along with ease of use and maintenance.

Project Details

Client Focused Energy
Date March 2017
Skills Web, Integration

“Working with Sheila was like a deep, slow exhale. Easy, relaxing and rejuvenating. I was happy to let her tech savvy take over for my novice attempt at building a viable website.”

Ebone Lott

Owner, Focused Energy, LLC