Methodology Development

Project Description

During my many roles of Project Manager, Business Analyst, Systems Analyst and Tester with MetaSource, I was asked to put a standard methodology into place. I worked with the management team to educate them on the benefits and standards of project management and created materials for them to use to educate their teams and the company. As part of the Project Delivery, I had created standardized templates for all of the major deliverables including: Project Charter, Project Management Plan, Business Requirements Document, Solution Architecture Diagram, Change Request Form, Client Training Template, Status Report, Issue and Risk Tracking, Production Readiness Plan, Lessons Learned Report and Project Closure Report. I also created a Solution Delivery Life Cycle diagram and process that depicted the phases of Project Management and the deliverables to be delivered in each. This process included Gateway’s and gateway checklists that would validate whether the work that needed to be completed in the phase has been completed. While this sounds like a lot of documentation and process, it is significantly scaled down from the Standard PMI process and the deliverables are the deliverables that the management team and the people that did the work identified were important and valuable to the process. My goal is always to have just enough process that you can manage and deliver what is needed without having process for the sake of process.

Project Details

Client MetaSource, LLC
Date May 2015
Skills Anaylisis, Presentations, Education

“I can’t say enough good things about Sheila. She is the kind of team member you hope to find, but rarely do. She brings a wealth of experience balanced with intelligence and capability. She is independent, but works well within a team. She has a strong grasp of abstract concepts that can be translated into actionable steps for project completion. Sheila is gifted to be able to learn quickly and provide results in a new environment with surprising ease. I would recommend her without reservation.”

Grant Glasscock

SVP, BPO Services, MetaSource, LLC