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Web Implementation Possibilities & Services

I love delivering web implementations!  I am a tools guru and am focused on leveraging the best and most cost effective tool to meet a solution. Below are many of the tools that I’ve worked with.  If there is a tool you use that isn’t listed here, be sure to check with me and see how I can help.

wordpress logo
I have been using WordPress for almost 10 years. I can help you select a theme, recommend plugins, setup a shopping cart, organize content and more.
weebly logo
I have evaluated Weebly many times over the years and most recently built the Smart Minds website using the tool.  I loved it and it is a great tool for your business site!  The shopping cart interface is awesome!
grid logo
I signed up for the Grid as a founding member.  It’s an awesome do it yourself tool.  It does take some setup to get things just the way you want.  I would love to help you with any graphics or your pages!
wix logo
Wix is a great tool for building websites and has improved immensely over the past years!  Let me help you make your site look like a professionally built site!
squarespace logo
Squarespace creates beautiful websites!  I love creating in Squarespace.  Let me help you bring your service or product to life using all the features in Squarespace!
shopify logo
I’ve built several sites in Shopify and I love the shopping cart features and plugins available for integration with the tool.

Free Website

As part of my giving back to community, I draw a name once a quarter and build a free website for someone!  I want to see anyone who wants a website have a fabulous website to share their light with the world!  The free site will be 5-10 pages and up to 10 hours of my time.

zapier logo
Zapier is an amazing tool that allows you to do integrate cloud services for individuals and small business similar to what large companies do!  Examples:  Collect email address for every order placed or create an invoice in your accounting system for every order or payment made.
quickbooks and freshbooks logos
My first major in college was accounting.  I’ve used Quickbooks on a desktop and in the cloud.  I use Freshbooks for my own accounting.  I can help you get basic accounting setup for your small business!
While I’m not a reseller of Adobe Business Catalyst, I have spent some time learning and updating a site in Business Catalyst. I can help you create and modify pages, update menu’s and more!
While I’m not a reseller of Adobe Business Catalyst, I have spent some time learning and updating a site in Business Catalyst.  I can help you create and modify pages, update menu’s and more!
calendar squares
I have evaluated, setup and worked with YouCanBookMe, BookLikeABoss, Doodleand ScheduleOnce.  If you have a different scheduling tool, I can get it setup for you!
visa and mastercard cards
Need to collect money on your site?  I have setup PayPal, WooCommerce, Shopify, WP Commerce and Square shopping carts.  I’ve worked with Stripe, PayPal and Braintree and can help you figure out which is best for what you are selling or delivering.
scrabble blocks with SEO

I build all my sites based on SEO best practices and am a student of Neil Patel and Melyssa Griffen, both experts in SEO.  Let me help your site rise up in the mysterious search!


Once we have a conversation and I have had the opportunity to better understand your needs, I’ll create a proposal that outlines what I believe you need.  Depending on the services required, the price will be proposed.  What is shown below is the average range for prices based on services delivered.  Sometimes it’s more, sometime’s it’s less.  It just depends on your requirements.  Once I propose a fixed bid project for you, I will not charge you more unless you and I agree that there are additional services to be delivered.